Defib installed at sports hub

Thanks to the Premier League and Football Foundation, an emergency defibrillator has now been installed at King George V Community Sports Hub.

The Premier League is funding the provision of 2,000 Automated External Defibrillators at grassroots clubs and facilities, in the hope of saving the lives of people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Each week, at least 12 young people die of undiagnosed cardiac conditions in the United Kingdom, and over 30,000 people of all ages suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital every year with less than one in 10 surviving.

The defibrillator at King George V Community Sports Hub – and those at faciilities across the country – are vital to reducing the number of cardiac-related fatalities in football and assuring players are safe to enjoy the game the love.

Chester FC Community Trust wishes to thank Steve Sandbach Electrictal for installing this life saving equipment.